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Employee Blog Post

This is my first blog post ever and it's being done out of necessity. I will continue to blog post because it brings credibility to the site and the brand.

With this being the first blog post ever I will warn you in advance that I am a wealth of knowledge in the departments of business, business start-up, entrepreneurship, sales, and my beloved employee training and development. Right now prior to this first blog here's the assets I'm sitting on:

  1. I've written Forty-One books
  2. I have 72 videos on my Youtube channel
  3. I have over 31,000 followers on Instagram
  4. Over 3,000 friends on Facebook
  5. A Facebook group with over 740 members
  6. I have a written database of over 400 pages of words from my head that I can pull from to create content for my blog.
  7. I've been a business owner for 20 years
  8. I have employed thousands of people over that time span
  9. I am constantly learning new things
  10. Finally, my biggest asset is I love to help other people.

I believe I am a great asset to anyone who's interested might include business, personal growth, and employees. I list employees in there because without them we really don't have much of a business. It's critical that if you're going to grow your business you must employ people and even if those that you employ are vendors or subcontractors that still counts because they are on your team and that is my area of expertise.

I spent Twenty Years as a horrible employer. In my defense, I didn't know what I was doing. I had not been trained on how to be an employer prior to starting my business. Actually looking back on it I literally had not even one conversation with anyone, I had read zero books and zero articles on how to be a great employer and when I opened the doors of my business my knowledge of being an employer, or the lack of knowledge I should say was a shining example of what the next 17 years were going to bring. It was horrible. I actually expected people to do their job without me telling me them what to do. That's laughable. How are they supposed to know what to do if I don't tell them? The reality is I was an employee just like them and I had no control over my employees or my business. I was all in on making the business succeed but when it came to employees I literally knew nothing and the turn over in my business showed.

I tell people this story and I have had people tell me my numbers are low;

I have hired people who went through the application process, interview process, background check, agreed to the position and then showed up to the first day of work. The number of people that has happened to is in the hundreds. I have talked to people who have said: “Oh John that’s nothing, I’m in the thousands of people who never showed up to the first day of work”. While I’m not in the thousands I still consider the hundreds an epic failure but the truth is I didn’t know what I was doing and I was forced to hire a lot of people so that drove the number up there.

Why would someone, an employee go through all of that and then not show up to work on the first day? Stick around this blog and I’ll explain it to you in future blog posts. There is a reason for it and I now know what it is and I can help you with that issue and many others along the way.

I can help you hire the best employees. Not the best employees available at the time but I can actually teach you how to get the best employees from your competition to want to work for you. They will actually reach out to you and ask you for a job if you keep following my blog post. Do you have any idea how empowering it is to have an employee, a highly experienced expert in your industry reach out to you and say “Hi, you don’t know me but I know you, I work for your competition and I’ve been in the industry for years and if the opportunity should ever arise I would love to come work for you.” That’s not a conversation most business owners ever get and the reason is that they like me don’t know what they are doing. I do now know and I can show you exactly how to get that phone call and how to get a huge database of people who would want to work for you.

Having an employee quit is really bad. It rarely goes well. Either the employee feels wronged or you do but very rarely is the separation of employer and employee separated on good terms. Typically it’s a relationship that once broken it will never be revived. Guess what’s worse than that? Yes; having to fire an employee. A fired employee is almost never coming back and that relationship is not going to end well and that’s almost guaranteed.

All of this can be fixed. If we can agree that having an employee of a competitor apply to work for you is a great feeling here’s a better feeling. How amazing is it if we can help an employee out of a bad situation and we know for a fact that employee is deserving of our help? How amazing is that? As employers, we want nothing more than to help those who help us but we need to be able to identify if they deserve it.

My best advice to get you started off on the right foot with this blog is this gem of advice. You can’t run parallel with your employees and expect to win. They can swim in their lane but you need to be the pool, the water, the filtration system, the chlorine, the drainage system. YOU ARE THE POOL. They can’t properly swim with a pool that is falling apart. You can only be the employee or the employer. One makes more money and the other has more power. I know you don’t understand that last part yet but yes, the employee holds all the power, all of it. Pools are useless without swimmers.

I’ll leave my first blog off there and I will tell you that together we are going help create amazing employees but more importantly, we’re going to create amazing employers and I know a bunch of employees who are starving for amazing employers.

I hope to see you here again.

Be Great

The Greatest on the Planet

John Hopper