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MLO Develop and Retain Programs
  • Hiring New Staff?
  • Are you hoping they produce more?
  • What if they don't produce more?
  • What if they don't produce anything?
  • What if you attract, train, reward and they quit?
  • Wouldn't it be better idea to develop the team you already have?
  • What if the team you already have can produce 30% more? That saves money not costs money
  • We have a system
  • We don't tell your people what to do we ask them what they would do
  • We empower them to do it
  • We call you weekly during the process to make sure it's working
  • Here's what you get:
  • Employees who understand their value
  • Employees who bring in money and save money for the company
  • Employees who focus on customer service and keeping the company word
  • Employees who focus on being good people
  • Employees who are team players
  • Employees who push to do more
  • A system that took 20 years to create can be yours for $600 per employee for the entire year.
  • That's a price can't be beat by any system to do all of that.
  • Act now while it's on sale


MLO Develop and Retain Programs

MLO Develop and Retain Programs

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 Total salespeople  30
 Increased Sales 30%
Equivilant of new hires 
Cost to hire and train 9 new employee = $8,000 $72,000
Cost of Our Program $600 per employee annually $-18,000
Potential Savings Based on 9 MLO $54,000.00

MLO Develop and Retain Programs

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  • We first of all have to find your competitors for employees. Not your competitiors to sell cars we know who they are, those people are easy to find. We're looking for who is attracting the people who should be selling cars?
  • We then look at why those competitors are able to take the employees .
  • We then asses what can be done to get these people to look at you as a viable option 


  • People are in short supply. If we're going to convince them to come to you who do you need to become to get them interested? 
  • How do you pay them? 
  • How much do you pay them? 
  • How often do you pay them?
  • Become team-oriented
  • Is there anything else you can do besides pay them? 
  • We answer these questions and more 
  • You will be ready to compete for people so you can win 

    Our goal is to create an environment where employees ask, "ARE YOU HIRING?" When that happens you're in power. 


    We will find out what your prospective employees look for when making a decision to work somewhere then we will fold that that into your program. 

  • Big Benefits

    • Happier, more productive employees
    • Actively engaged employees
    • Team Members focused on growing your business
    • People who can work individually and together, as a team
    • Representatives who can act responsible and intelligently


The Greatest Employees on the Planet

  • Paying your employees isn't enough to get what you want. 

    Telling your employees what to do does not work. "But I pay them to do that". Of course you pay them but that's not good enough. What happens if you didn't pay them? They quit. You have to pay them or they won't work for you. Pay alone is not enough to get your employees to perform. 

    How do you get them to perform? You ask the right questions. You quit telling them what to do and you start telling them what really matters and watch how everything changes for you, for the employees and for the customers. 

  • What is a Great Employee? 

    What defines a great employee?

    Does an employee need to be fired? How do you know? Do you have a system in place to easily define the good the bad and the great employees? 

    Does an employee deserve a raise? How do you know? Do you have a system in place that tells you if they actually deserve it? 



If a customer came in and said I need a car could you sell them? It would be very challenging to get them on the right product. The same thing is true of your employees. How can you get what you want when you don't know what you're looking for. Sell cars? Is that what you're looking for? That's not specific enough 


1. YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THE VALUE OF THE EMPLOYEE AND THE EMPLOYEE NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND THEIR VALUE TO YOU. This doesn't happen in most businesses so most businesses are missing the first of the Six things. Your employees are not a liability to your company, they are an asset. Without employees, yourself included your business is nothing more than a piece of paper filed away at the state. Without employees who will service your customers? Who will make sales? Who will follow things up? Who will collect money? Who will answer the phone? You can have all the customers in the world but if you can't service them it doesn't matter. You can have all kinds of money and if you don't have people to help expand you'll eventually run out of money. You can have no customers but if you have great employees you can go get more customers. You can have no money but if you have great employees you can go get more money. If you have no employees you're in trouble and for those reasons the employees, even if they are subcontract employees are the most important thing to any business. 

2. SALES. Sales makes the list at number two because if you don't have sales you can't pay employees, you can't pay insurance premiums, taxes, marketing, the phone bill or any of the bills you recieve on a regular basis if you don't have any income. When is the last time an employee approached you with a new lead? Does it happen daily? Does it happen ever? What if we could show the employees how important it is to have sales and we could actually teach every employee to generate sales for the company? Wouldn't that be amazing? When is the last time you asked your employees "what can we do to save money around here or be more efficient and they actually gave you a list to work from? Last week? Never? All of these things will be done with this program. 

3. FOLLOW UP. Follow up makes the list at number Three because it lacks so badly. Lack of follow up is the start of everything bad in the company and it can be fixed. Phone calls don't get returned, customers go unserviced, What was agreed up doesn't happen. This is the start of customer complaints and it can be fixed. Things in our personal lives and the lives of our employees get followed up on a regular basis yet at work they don't. At home the garbage cans get taken out to the street and brought back in, the kids get dropped off at school and picked back up, we get into bed and we get out, we get in the shower and get out of the shower yet at work we can't seem to follow on the simpilst of things such as following up with a customer. 

4. GOOD CHARACTER. As human beings we desire to be around good people, it's natural and that doesn't stop when we get to work. We want to be around honest, trustworthy, truthful, ethical people. Not that's just you as an owner or manager but your employees want that as well. What we don't want is to be around liars, thieves, cheaters, drug users and people of bad charachter. You don't want it no one in your company wants is. What we need to do is explain the importance of this to the employee and up their game in this department. If they aren't someone who fits into good charachter it's going to get a lot easier to identify with this program. 

5. TEAMWORK. Your company is a team. Competition within your company should be discouraged. Competition with your competitior should be encouraged. The compitition is down the street not here. Here we work together, we support each other and we have each others back. In this program we're going to teach the employees this and you're going to monitor it. If the employees aren't team players they need to go and you'll easlily be able to identify those who are from those who aren't 

6. DO MORE. We're not going to ask the employees to do more jobs. That's not thier responsibility. It is however their responsibility to push their ability and skill to a new level. The employees need to focus on this and you need to monitor it. Are they always pushing to do more? To be better? This program will help them do this. 

That's it. That's what we care about. We don't care about customer service because if we follow up, are people of good charachter, we're team players and we're always pushing to do more we won't have customer service issues. As an employer you need a clear line in the sand that identifies the good from the bad and pushes everyone to be THE GREATEST ON THE PLANET 

This is the program for you 

The Process


    Each employee will get one workbook per quarter or four total workbooks per year. Each workbook is 8 chapters and each chapter is a week. That means that 32 out of the 52 weeks per year your employee is focusing on what really matters. 

  • LET GO 

    Once your employees start to focus on what really matters you can safely let go of the strings and allow them to do their jobs. It's your job to support them not motivate them. Let the employees take care of the customers and you take care of the employees. That's how it's supposed to be and that's how it can be. 


    Having the security that your employees are focused on what really matters to you and you have let go of the strings you can go enjoy the things you love to do and easily monitor if your employees are working on what really matters. Until you get clear and the employees get clear on what really matters you'll be required to do what you're doing now and we both know how much work that is. If you keep doing what you're doing you will keep getting the same result. 



Prior to the industrial revolution this country was an industry of farming. Way back then someone would set up a business in town, a saloon, a bank, a general store, a restaurant and they would hire locals to help them. Back then it was come in and do the job and I will pay you money for doing so. Now let me ask you a question. How is that any different than what we're doing today? Yes we've added benefit packages and time off and other perks but it's the same thing we've been doing for over 200 years and if we continue to do it we'll get the same result. 

It's not the "Millenials". You can't take a sector of the population and blame your problems on them. It is different though and it will continue to get even more different and if you don't change you'll find yourself hurting for employees. What is happening right now is employees are buying your job like your customers are buying your services, DO THEY NEED IT? and DO THEY WANT IT? If the answer to either of those is no then you're going to find yourself with employee issues. How do you get them to want it and need it? You make it an amazing experience for them. You allow them to them and you to be you while at the same time focusing on what really matters to you. Life gets easier for everyone and that's why you would want to invest in this program. 

The future. It has never been easier than it is right now to start a business. Have you ever thought to yourself "people don't want to work"? Oh they are working they just aren't working for you. They have stores set up online, they do affiliate marketing, they are working. They are also facing issues. They are now realizing that it's not as easy to find customers and generate cash flow as they thought it would be and one day they might come crawling out of their hole looking for a job but today that isn't the case. 

These are employees who are NOT on the same page as you.

This simple program puts everyone on the same page. We’ll help you show your employees how to:

  • Care about the business
  • Get them to understand what is important in helping you build the business and be passionate about it.

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