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Regardless of where you are now, there's a higher level, and as business advisors, john hopper will help get you there faster and cheaper than if you did without us. I help companies, executives, and teams better understand the relationship dynamic between employers and employees and how all of that results in a better experience for the customer, increased sales, and a profitable business model. Areas of focus include sales, marketing, hiring, employee engagement, teambuilding, employee retention, product pricing, product launch, and business growth. What I really want is what you want: I want to win, and I want you to win.

John Hopper, CEO | Founder The Greatest on the Planet

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Knowledge is Our Asset

When taking a new approach to your business, we dive deep into every aspect of it. Let our team combine in-depth insights with applicable expertise.  We will use our knowledge of business operations and economics to ensure your organization is set for growth.

Your customers and clients are a big part of what makes your business successful. The professional management development programs offered at The Greatest on the Planet will ensure your team has the soft skills they need to deliver customer service that defies expectations.

Your employees and management team will develop team-building skills that will help them work successfully with each other during even the most tenacious of circumstances.

Top-Line Growth

Gain insights into practical advice and tips for any aspects of your company.  Our goal is to increase your statistics and the top line of the business with the right solutions and the right people to do it.

Navigating Business

Clients and organizations have needs that constantly change, and we are always looking for new ways to serve them. We drive operations, develop the workforce, and employees, and aim for long term navigation in their industry.


Stay distinctly true to your core values with our professional management and consulting services that take a holistic approach to every angle of your business.

Focused on Constant Innovation

From the viewpoint of sustainability and corporate responsibility, a business has to have the resources to survive. ROI matters, which is why when we connect you with the resources you need, we make sure that operations, strategy, and customer-value proposition maximize opportunities for growth.

We have an extraordinary vision and take a sustainable, pragmatic approach to solve problems in your business. We look to transform your most critical problems into results-driven solutions.

We want you to become a more flexible and efficient and customer-focused business.  In order to do that, we examine your staff and your processes. We want to accelerate and leverage your assets and market, but most of all, we want to increase the top line of your company.

Success is helping our clients thrive.

The Greatest On The Planet uses leading-edge professional consulting, analysis, and management combined with customized solutions that aim for exponential growth.

The Difference

You want the best and most advanced on your side. You need simplicity with an understanding of industries and the capabilities of marketing. Our team works with data scientists, engineers, venture architects, human-centric designers, electricians and business owners.

The Advantage

Shape a more resilient future by preparing your organization with the right techniques, employees, and analysis for business continuity. Take control and allow the elasticity of your organization to scale based on the needs of your customers and your employees.

Let us show you how our integrated expertise works with you and your organization for enduring outcomes.

The Greatest on the Planet redefines industries, outperforms the competition with full analysis, employee, and human-focused selection for employees based in collaboration. We want you to win. It’s that simple.

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