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Business Consulting Services near Chicago IL

John Hopper is Chicago IL's premier provider of business consulting services. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, John and his team have the skills and expertise to help your company take its operations to the next level. From helping you create effective strategies for growth and profitability, to developing plans for managing personnel and resources, John Hopper offers comprehensive business consulting services tailored to your specific needs.When it comes to expanding your Chicago IL-based business, John Hopper has the know-how to make it happen. He can provide valuable insights into key areas such as marketing, finance, product development, human resources, legal issues and more. Plus, he has a proven track record of success across diverse industries that will ensure that your business is well positioned for long-term growth and stability.For more information on how John Hopper's business consulting services can help your Chicago IL company, contact him today at 313-358-4900. He looks forward to helping make your vision a reality!  For Chicago IL businesses seeking advice and guidance in the areas of strategy, operations and management, John Hopper is the perfect partner. With over 25 years of experience in business consulting services, he has the skills and knowledge necessary to help you make your organization successful. From developing growth strategies to streamlining processes and improving profitability, John can provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique needs. Contact him today at 313-358-4900 to get started! John Hopper's business consulting services provide Chicago IL companies with an invaluable resource for maximizing their potential. He offers expertise in a wide range of areas including finance, marketing, product development, human resources and more that will help make your business thrive. Plus, his proven track record of success in a variety of industries means that you can trust his insights and advice to help you reach your goals.If you're looking for business consulting services in Chicago IL, then look no further than John Hopper. With a commitment to excellence and an unwavering dedication to helping businesses succeed, he is the perfect partner for taking your organization to the next level. Contact him today at 313-358-4900 and discover what he can do for you!

We want you to win and in order to do so, we collaborate with our clients to reach the results that have not been achieved before in their industry.  The Greatest on the Planet brings full optimization to capture value in the marketplace by analyzing all aspects of the business.  We look at costs and analyze for focused growth, shape deliver customer experiences that increase loyalty and lower the top-line costs.  We will align all employees for a customer-focused and growth-oriented business.

Select your industry below and see the functional value we will bring to your business.

Full Spectrum Business Consulting Services Near Chicago IL

In order to see profitable growth and results, you have to understand the ability of a professional management consultant to identify business consulting services and forecast a wide range of strategic environments and changes and implementations for your business.  The Greatest On The Planet can help with business consulting services in all sectors of the marketplace. With offices in Michigan and Florida with global reach 


Every touchpoint between prospect and sales professional requires the company to place the customer first. We ensure that you deliver optimal customer interactions on every call or meeting.



Accurate analyses and creative lead generation are at the forefront of our interactions with you. Core marketing capabilities and facilities will be analyzed for optimal performance and ROI.

GO TO marketing


Locate and hire the right people who are focused on great customer experiences and give them the tactical tools to deliver.


Employee Audits

Determine how effective your employees are toward customer experience and lasting sustainability.

GO TO employee audits


Analyze your organizational capabilities to sustain gains over the long term. In order to do this, your profit and loss along with everything your organization does across the board must be tracked.


Production and Delivery

Engage your employees and train them so that they can deliver on your goals and targets. Make decisions faster, outperform your competition, and get clarity on your long-term talent needs.


Organizational Costs

Simplify your expenses, reevaluate them, and then work hard to strengthen what works and what doesn't. Cultivate a healthy cost-management structure and reinforce it for any type of market environment.



Find the right price point for your products and services that are directly based off of what your customers care about most.



Reach out to our team of industry leaders and consultants to identify which areas need an immediate assessment and solution. Book an appointment to get started today.


Evaluate and strategize. Review each area of concern with our professional management consultants to identify an immediate solution and prepare for... top-line growth with our business consulting services


It's time to implement, reinforce and build for long-term sustainability. Achieve higher returns with a systematic and repeatable approach, then implement within your organization.

Who We Help

Business Consulting Services

It's time to get started and find innovative solutions for your business. We want to add multipliers across the divisions of your organization through a holistic approach to marketing, organization, profits, cash flow, organizational costs, finance, sustainability, employees, and long-term growth. We are your cheapest employee and one that delivers 20 times the results. Business consulting services, You need help with products, we handle it; you need help with cash flow; we handle it. You can hire us at a monthly, low-cost rate and we will become your most affordable employee and the one who delivers 20x the results.



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Car Sales 


Cement / Concrete

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Fire Suppression


Food Server

Hair Stylist








Real Estate








Business consulting services, Improve, strategize, enhance, and set up for long-term sustainability for your business.  We will get you the right strategies and the right people to ensure that your business and organization can expand successfully.  If cash flow is a concern, the Greatest on the Planet has a solution. Our aim is to develop decision effectiveness across the board so that it can be executed and the organization can experience extraordinary results.

Failure is NOT AN OPTION

Standard benefits:
– We are a full-service business consulting services firm.
– We have offices in Michigan and Florida with global reach.
– We have clients in every state including Alaska and Hawaii.

Emotional benefits:
– You’ll never feel alone in your business journey.
– We’ll help you grow faster than you ever thought possible.
– You’ll get the support you need to succeed.

Bold Ideas into Thriving Business

Know the latest in business consulting services innovation and marketing strategies as well as the most up-to-date read on market evaluations and real estate. The Greatest on the Planet is the most robust resource for your business.

Take Control

Our professional Business consulting services consultants and management teams will give you direct control of the strategic implementation for effective solutions. Gain the competitive advantage in the marketplace and strengthen the connection between your strategy and your business operations.


Whether you need Business consulting services solutions for service operations, support functions, manufacturing, real estate development, cash flow, production, organizational costs, or supply chain, The Greatest on the Planet can assist you. Fill out the form below and a member of our team will get into contact with you immediately.

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Business Consulting Services

Whether you need Business consulting services solutions for service operations, support functions, manufacturing, real estate development, cash flow, production, organizational costs, or supply chain, The Greatest on the Planet can assist you. Fill out the form below and a member of our team will get into contact with you immediately.

secure and verified