Think Big


My client got a gig working with a company that's doing 600 million a month in sales.

That's a MONTH, not a year

My client only does 2 million a month (only? That's a lot)

Anyway, when you do 2 million and you're now entering the world of 600 million things have to change.

I told my client everything you're doing has to change.

How many times does 2 million go into 600 million?

You won't even stand out amongst the crowd. They don't need 2 million, it's not enough

They aren't looking for 2 million a month in revenue they are looking for 50 million or 100 million or how can we cut cost?

When you go big you have to change the way you think.

Everything changes.

Start small, Think Big

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Real Life example of helping a client

I talked to my client's operations manager for an hour today about getting more sales and how to get more bang for the buck out the employees they already have.

The objective is to not add salespeople when we're uncertain about the future

Our goal is to increase sales and not increase payroll.

My client doesn't know this though because he doesn't need to, he hired me to figure it out not bother him with the details

Between his staff and I, we will make it happen

Do you think he's going to be happy when we report back that we increased sales and didn't increase spending or payroll? I think he will,

He's winning.

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Website Speed Matters

Google cares how fast your website is.

They don't want to send their searchers to a slowpoke website so the faster your site performs the more likely it is Google will send someone there

The good news is its a fairly easy fix

Speed matters

There's a website you can use to check your speed if you need the website let me know